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 In order to launch your beautiful new Showit site, you'll need to connect your domain.

When setting up a Domain Name to be fully hosted with Showit, there are two options to point a web address at our server. You can have the Showit team connect your domain (recommended) or you can setup the domain yourself (advanced). 

Have Showit Configure Your Domain For You 

  1. Inside of Showit 5, click "Site Settings" 

2. Click "EDIT" next to "Custom Domain" 

3. Enter your domain name where you'd like your site to be

4. Check the boxes for the settings that apply to your current setup.

5. Check the box marked "I want Showit to configure my domain" and enter your domain registrar login information. 

Note - be sure to verify you provide our team the correct login credentials for your registrar. This is the most common mistake and will lengthen your turnaround time. 

6. Fill in your phone number (just in case we need to contact you during the setup process) and click the "Submit" button.

What Happens Next:

Our team will connect your new site to your domain and send you an email when the process is complete. You can then celebrate and show all of your friends your awesome new site!

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