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A great keyboard shortcut to copy settings between objects/layouts.
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Special Paste allows you to copy/paste settings from one object to another (or many) or between desktop/mobile layouts for the same object. 

Example between same object in different layout: Copy shape settings from desktop to mobile layout on same object.

Example on different objects in same layout: Copy/paste text format changes across multiple text boxes on a menu.

Keyboard Commands: 

  1. First copy like normal Command-C (Control-C on PC)

  2. Then select the object in the layout (desktop/mobile) you want to paste settings onto.

  3. Special Paste with Shift-Command-V (Shift-Control-V on PC).

What's included in a Special Paste between the same type of element?
Text: Text Style + Hover + Transitions + Effects
Shapes: Shape Style + Hover + Transitions + Effects
Icons: Icon Color + Hover + Transitions + Effects
Gallery: Gallery settings + Hover + Transitions + Effects 

What's included in a Special Paste between different types of objects?
Hover + Transitions + Effects will paste

Special Paste will only paste in one layout at a time. For example, if you want to Special Paste settings to an element's desktop and mobile settings; you will need to paste once in each layout (twice total).

I think you'll love having this option when updating text across a menu so that they all have the same styling and hover effects. And also when setting up shapes between desktop/mobile layouts.

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