These are the steps on how to manually configure your domain through Google.
***Important***- If you are wanting to migrate a blog you can not switch your DNS records until our Showit blog team has finished migrating your blog. If you do switch your DNS records before your blog is migrated, our blog team will be unable to migrate your blog. 

If you would like to request a blog migration you can do so here:

To get started you'll want to login to your google account where you purchased the domain. After signing into your account go here  
You should see your domain listed below. Next select "DNS" 

(for larger image: Right Click>Open Image in New Tab)

On the next screen scroll down to the bottom where you should see "Custom resource records" 

(for larger image: Right Click>Open Image in New Tab)

Enter in the following DNS settings within the Custom Resource Records:
A Record @ to
A record *(wildcard) to
CNAME www to

Once you have set up these 3 DNS records occasionally, the changes that were made can take time to propagate throughout the internet worldwide. So if you aren't seeing it live just yet, give it another few hours, and refresh the page.
In rare cases, it can take up to 48 hours for full propagation. If it's not working at that point for you, then let us know.

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