The companion doc to our free downloadable checklist! Download and print it if you love to check things off your to-do list, enjoy the gratification of all your hard work. You earned it! 

Your Brand

Add your logo
Choose your branded colors
Choose your branded fonts 

Set your favicon

Your Content

Curate your portfolio images
Swap in your photos
Modify text to reflect your business
Include a bio photo (of your face) 😉
Add titles & descriptions to your pages for sharing on social media 

Optimize images for SEO

Blog Setup - Optional - For Users With Blog Only

 If you haven't already, you'll need to subscribe to put in a blog setup request.
You can choose to migrate an existing blog over to Showit* or have our team set up a new blog for you. If you've already put in a domain setup request with our team and received confirmation from Showit support but still need a blog setup, use the third option below.
Which subscription do I need
Backup your blog prior to migration
Request your blog migration or setup (this request will also connect your domain)
Already connected your domain and still need to get your blog setup


View your site on both mobile and desktop
Test all your links
Test your contact form and make sure you receive the message via email 


Add domain to your site settings
Point your domain to your Showit site (if you haven't already) (instructions here)


Add your mobile number to receive text messages for contact form submissions
Tell us about your website launch
Apply to be featured in our annual Spark inspiration book

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