How to Update the Share Preview on Facebook
Learn how to troubleshoot your Facebook share image.
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You may occasionally see the "Share" information for links you post on Facebook not correctly match up with the meta information you may have set. This is due to the way Facebook stores and caches any data shared on their servers. These quick steps will walk you through how to force Facebook to update their cached information of a URL.

1. Ensure your meta information is set correctly using the Set a Share Image on a Page article and be sure to publish any changes. 

2. Paste the URL you are wishing to share in the Facebook Sharing Debugger and click on Debug

3. The cached meta information for your URL with any pre-existing information Facebook had stored will display below. If you have made changes after the time it checked the site, the shared information will typically not match up. Click on the Scrape Again button and wait for it to refresh.

4. Now you should be seeing a preview of all the updated changes you have made. This is what will now appear when sharing out that URL on Facebook. Occasionally it may take multiple Scrape Again requests for Facebook to fully update any changes to the information. 

If the information is not updating correctly, be sure to double-check your settings and ensure all changes have been published from Showit. In the rare case that these steps may not be resolving the issue with Facebook, feel free to reach out to our support team for further assistance. 

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