Generally if you already use the Wordpress platform, you may not be aware that there are 2 types of versions that exist online.
At their core, and use the same coding and blogging functionality in order to offer the most widely used and popular blogging platform in the world. This does mean it is not uncommon to see confusion about the differences between the two.

The first step to understanding the differences is to identify the purposes and hosting situations involved with both.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- offers free or inexpensive hosting options and boasts a quick setup and requires little-to-no "know-how" on how to create and manage a blog. Depending on which plan you may use with, there are some site size and feature limitations with theme designing or adding plugins that could further enhance your blog. 

The interface and blogging management is generally easy to navigate and understand for new users who want to start blogging without needing to worry about investing their wallet.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is the open-source software version of the Wordpress platform. This means anyone can download and uses the platform to create a website or blog on any hosting server they choose. This allows sites to be configured with nearly unlimited potential!

Showit uses the best premium Wordpress hosting servers available, offered by WP Engine, as included with your Showit blog subscription. Our servers are optimized for "Managed" Wordpress hosting which means we take care of the backend health and status of your blog. Managing every aspect of wordpress hosting can be quite a task on it's own so this is where our team comes in! Some of the benefits hosting with us include:

  • Core Wordpress and Security Updates 

  • 30-day (daily) rolling backup of all your files

  • SSL certificate

  • Wordpress Troubleshooting Support

  • FTP/Database access (Advanced Blog Subscription only) blogs allow the ability to add unique theme and designs that function around the blogging aspect of Wordpress. The Showit theme you create inside the Showit builder app allows you to create a unique look for your blog using the familiar drag-and-drop tools used to create your website pages. This means you don't need to know how to create advanced wordpress themes through the traditional routes that work with coding or may have other design limitations. 

Arguably the biggest benefit to in comparison to is the availability to use plugins to add and enhance the functionality of your blog in many ways. does allow plugins under a paid plan whereas will allow plugins by default regardless of the hosting. 


Unsure Of Which Platform you are using? 

Two ways for determining which platform you may be using is going to be related either to how you login and manage your blog posts or if you have have a dedicated Wordpress host.

Login Differences: is almost always accessed and managed through the URL In some cases if you have a custom domain linked to your wordpress blog you may also be able to login at the "/wp-admin" extension of that domain (i.e. 

Hosting Differences: is hosted excessively in-house by © Automattic Inc. at their URL. hosting is provided by most web hosting companies including, but not limited to, Bluehost, GoDaddy, HostGator, SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, and DreamHost. If you have a hosting account with one of these web hosts, you are likely using the version of the Wordpress platform.

Moving to Showit - Does it Matter Which One?

Both and blogs are available to be migrated to our hosting servers and all migrations from these platforms will include blog posts, media, comments, and pages. For information regarding which subscription plan will fit your needs best, see Which Pricing Plan Do I Need? 


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