Once you've finished your site design and you're ready to publish, you'll want to be sure you've put in the necessary setup request with our team to get your site ready to launch

After our team has everything setup and ready to go we will message you and let you know you're ready to launch. Once you have the all-clear from the Showit team, simply log into Showit, be sure your domain is set in the site settings, and then click publish.

To Publish Changes to Your Live Site

Once you've launched your site and it is live at your domain, it's super easy to publish new changes inside of Showit.

Simply click the "Publish" button in the upper right hand corner of Showit:

You will then be given the option to publish changes to just your site, or your site and blog. 

Not seeings changes online after publishing?

Sometimes changes published to a website don’t show up immediately. Our caching servers can take 5-10 minutes to update. If you're still not seeing updates after that time, clearing your browser and/or WordPress cache can help force the changes to show for you.

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