As you've probably noticed by now, when you add design elements to one version of the design, be it mobile or desktop, they are added to both versions of the site design. These elements can be controlled almost completely independently and you can learn more about that here

This article will specifically show you the toggle switches which help you show/hide design elements on the respective version of the site (Desktop or Mobile) you wish to show or hide it on. 

How to toggle on/off individual design elements

As you can see in the example below, we have three elements on the "shapes" canvas, which are all shapes. The black square is set to display on both desktop and mobile designs. The blue line only shows on the desktop version, and the grey circle only shows on the mobile design. The toggle switch settings to the left of the element layers in the let sidebar pictured below match what you see in the builder. 

It is truly that easy to customize your mobile and desktop designs by hiding or showing elements with toggle switches! Happy designing. 

How to show/hide an entire canvas from your design

Similarly, you can also hide an entire canvas* from your mobile design, desktop design, or both!

**NOTE: this can only be done for a specific canvas on a page, not an entire page.

To do so, simply select the canvas you wish to hide, then click the options menu ... as shown below. That open menu will display two check-box options you can uncheck to hide that particular canvas from one or both versions of your design.

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