RewardStyle & LikeToKnowIt offer a great Wordpress embed option via a [shortcode] or sidebar widget. 

Depending on your use, if the widget causes page scrolling to stop functioning after you click on a photo in the widget, then you can add this Custom CSS to the page or blog template that's used.  This will help format it better for use with a Showit design, however it doesn't completely resolve every issue.

/*RewardStyle Formatting*/

body {

.rs-ltk-widget-modal-on-body-overflow {
overflow: inherit !important;
position: inherit !important;

/*End RewardStyle Formatting*/


Still not working?

If you're still having trouble, we've found that sometimes the RewardStyle code itself needs some additional code added. You can do that by going to the Embed Code settings and double-clicking on the code window.
Add the following code to the bottom of the current RewardStyle code.

<!-- showit fix -->
var waitForEl = function(selector, callback) {
  if (jQuery(selector).length) {
  } else {
    setTimeout(function() {
      waitForEl(selector, callback);
    }, 100);
waitForEl('.rs-ltk-image', function() {
<!-- end showit fix -->

**Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that these additional pieces of code will work for every situation. 

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