*Notice* this information only applies to users transitioning from our old platform Showit desktop. If you log into your site at app.showit.co you are on our current platform and can disregard this information. 


With the Adobe's 2017 announcement ending Flash support we will be discontinuing support of Showit Desktop on the timeline below. We encourage all users to switch to Showit 5 which is entirely powered by modern HMTL5 with a focus on mobile design. 

APRIL 12, 2018 - Subscribe & Re-subscribe options will no longer be available inside Showit Desktop. Users must re-subscribe under a Showit 5 subscription by contacting support. Access to Showit Desktop will remain active under a Showit 5 subscription.

AUGUST 1, 2018 - Disable of Publishing in Showit Desktop. (sites will remain online)

OCTOBER 1, 2018 - All users who want their Desktop sites to remain online (as-is, no publishing) must switch to a Showit 5 subscription by contacting support.

THROUGH 2019 - Current sites will continue to function as-is through 2019, but the desktop application will no longer be accessible. All users are encouraged to move to the new Showit 5 platform as soon as possible.

The video below is a walkthrough of the similarities and differences between Showit Desktop and Showit 5 to help you through this transition!

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