If you use the Slider style of gallery in the Galleries by Angie Makes Wordpress plugin you might notice that the mobile doesn't properly render.

Below are some code snippets that can help you out.

Add this following code to your Single Post Wordpress template. Under the Page Advanced Settings > Custom CSS

.wcflex-next {

 opacity:1 !important;


.wcflex-prev {

 opacity:1 !important;


.wp-caption-text.gallery-caption {style=" text-align:center; width:auto !important;" width:auto !important; }

.m .wc-gallery .wcflexslider .slides .gallery-caption {

    width: auto !important;


ul.wcflex-direction-nav {list-style-type: none !important;}

.se-wpt ul.slides { margin:0; }

.se-wpt .wc-gallery img { border: 0; }

.se-wpt .wc-gallery .gallery-icon { border: 0px; }
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