Photo galleries can be added easily to Showit 5 using the gallery element. However, if you want to add a full screen or "hero" type gallery and/or add text and other elements, you can accomplish this using Canvas Views. Do keep in mind this is best suited to display a few images on rotation, for large quantities on images it is best to use our standard gallery options. If you just want one hero image, see our doc on how to set that up here.
Here’s how to make it work:

First, make sure you’re seeing the Page tab in the panel on the left, which will show you your list of Canvases and layers that make up your page. Click on the canvas you want to add the images to make sure it is set to a canvas type of "window height." Click on the 3 dots to the right of the Canvas name and choose “Add Canvas View”

No you will see the canvas views in your canvas layer denoted by the numbered folders as seen below. 

Next we want to select the first view, navigate to the CANVAS VIEW tab in the right sidebar, and adjust the background setting there to set our image. 

Once the background type is set to image under the canvas view tab in the right sidebar you can click to add your desired image as we've done for view 2 in the image below.

Repeat the process for the remaining views to set the desired images as canvas view backgrounds under the canvas view tab.

Now that all your views are set with your desired images there are two options you can either set the images to auto-advance through the images as a rotating slideshow or you can set up controls that will move the images along. In the example below we show how to set up the auto-advance option. To set up the arrows simply add your arrow icons and set them with a click action to go to the next canvas view.

There you have it! Your new Hero gallery is all set up and ready to go! 

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