Our Showit Support Pros happily handle the entire blog migration process for you.
We handle each blog migration by hand in order to ensure the safety of your content. 

Showit currently supports the following platforms for our blog migration service:

  • WordPress (self-hosted) - also known as Wordpress.org

  • Wordpress.com

  • Squarespace

*Before transferring to any new host, it's always recommended you make a backup of your own blog.

Basic Blog

Under the Basic Blog subscription, migrations are not available. This subscription option is best for those who are just starting a blog or wish to start new and not migrate over old content.

Advanced Blog - WordPress Migrations

Under the Advanced Blog subscription, the Showit team will transfer your content using WP Engine's migration plugin.

The WP Engine migration plugin will transfer ALL WordPress files and configurations as well as your current WordPress database. This transfer essentially makes an exact copy of your existing site and migrates it to our hosting servers. 

⚠️Non-WordPress directories will not transfer. Showit does not support or assist with the migration of non-WordPress content. 


If you are coming from WordPress.com and have an active Advanced Subscription, migrating your site with the WP Engine migration plugin may not be an option. WordPress.com requires the use of the paid Business plan to use custom plugins. Unless your site may have this active plan, we are only able to migrate your site through the XML route identified above. 

To read a bit more on the differences check out this handy article - https://learn.showit.co/en/articles/2115099-wordpress-com-vs-wordpress-org

SquareSpace Migrations

The SquareSpace platform only offers one route to export content to WordPress through a SquareSpace generated XML file. Refer to SquareSpace's Export Documentation for what Will and Will Not migrate*.

The Showit team will use the file to import your posts, pages, and images to your new WordPress site. 

*Showit does not have any input or control over how a SquareSpace export XML file is generated. We are only able to import the content included in the export file exactly how SquareSpace created the export file. In some cases this can result in differences in the content, including but not be limited to, layout, formatting, and excess spacing.

**Because of the differences between WordPress and SquareSpace, it is not uncommon for post urls to change. We recommend reviewing these articles for an overview of where to find and adjust WordPress settings and how to set up redirects if needed:


Canceling Your Old Hosting

Once the migration is complete, log in to your new Showit blog and verify that all of your posts and content are loading correctly. Once you make sure everything looks good, you can safely cancel your old hosting (unless you are hosting other content that you would like to keep).

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