The Designer Support team is happy to help you keep track of a client's site launch/blog migration as long as you connect with the team at the start.  Below are the steps we ask you follow when launching a client's account.

Pre-Launch Check (1 week prior for launches with a scheduled date)

A pre-launch check is especially important if you have a scheduled launch date for a client's site. Our team can help ensure that we minimize the unexpected by first checking the client's current setup for hosting and email. Email our team at and ask for a Pre-Launch Check and include the following:

  • Client's custom domain
  • Client's Showit account email address
  • What is the client's current platform? (ie. Wordpress or Squarespace)
  • Is there a blog that will need migration prior to launch?
  • Scheduled launch date
  • Do you know what Showit subscription plan is best for the client account?

Our team will check their current hosting and email setup to see if anything stands out that might cause a delay for the scheduled launch day. We will also provide you with a date that we would suggest you submit for domain setup in order to meet your scheduled launch date.

Site Launch/Migration (at time of setup request)

  1. Submit for the domain setup (and/or blog migration) directly in the client's account.  Include a note at the last step about it being a design client and your email.
  2. After the submission email (or message us from inside your designer account in Showit) and include the following details:
    – Client's Showit email address
    – Is there a tentative launch date or ASAP?
    – Anything unique about the setup?
  3. Our designer support team will keep you in the loop about the client's setup and let you know if we need any additional details to complete the setup.

Design Partner Perk

Official Design Partners will have their client blog migrations prioritized by having them moved to the top of our queue. The actual migration process cannot be sped up.

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