Showit has received a TON of updates since the early days of the market. Now is a perfect time to start reviewing your early designs and designs that haven't generated enough sales to see if they should get some of the updates that are now available in Showit.  

I'm sure you've learned a lot since those early designs and you might find that you want to update entire sections of an older design.  Either way it's a great way to make some more $$ without having to build a completely new site.

In the design market we always list the most recent designs at the very top since they have the latest Showit features, but I wanted to give you a way to bump those older designs to the top of the list so that they're more visible and hopefully generate some new sales.  

If you login and update a design to bring it up to standard then we'll bump it to the top of the list.

These updates might include:

-Site canvases on all pages(required)
-Single page site converted to multi-page site
-Optimize text for SEO with the HTML Text Tag setting
-Use a variety of galleries (Simple, Tiled & Sliding)
-Add 404 pages
-Add a Coming Soon launch page

Steps for Updating Sites

To avoid users purchasing a design that is partially updated please DO NOT UPDATE the SHARE KEY after making changes. 

  1. Make your changes to the site design. Publish & Test your design on your test blog (DO NOT UPDATE SHARE KEY)

  2. Email JT after your updates have been completed on the design (one email per design please)  - Include details about what updates you made to the design

  3. JT will review changes

  4. JT will update Share Key & bump your design up in the store once changes have been approved.

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