What will my blog domain/address be?

Showit will install your new or migrated WordPress blog at the root domain (yourdomain.com) you are using for your Showit Site. Your blog and website are able to share the same domain with the blog content being accessed at the blog extension of your site (yourdomain.com/blog). Upon request we are also able to install your new showit blog at a different domain you may own. 

Why is the Showit blog hosting better than my current host?

Showit Blog hosting is a fully managed WordPress setup that is optimized with server based caching for blazing fast loading speeds. If your site has a large boost of visitors, our servers will respond by providing more resources so that your site never skips a beat. Our support team is available to assist with the migration of you site to our server and for continual support to ensure the site keeps running as expected.

What does “Managed” WordPress hosting mean?

A “managed” WordPress installation is one that is installed on servers that are optimized with server based caching for the best performance possible. If demand to your blog rises the servers will make more resources available to ensure speedy loading every time. Because the server is optimized there are some restrictions on using plugins that have similar actions or that may dramatically reduce performance of the site. Our servers have been tested with many widely used template systems and should run without issue.

Additionally, our servers create a daily backup of all your blog content for ease of mind and security to keep your content safe from harm. Our team will also assist with troubleshooting potential issues with your blog should you notice anything not functioning correctly. 

How many blogs can I host?

At this time Showit supports one blog per account. The blog CAN have a different domain then the Showit site uses.

Can I get cPanel & FTP access?

We are happy to provide FTP access by request for our Advanced Blog subscribers. Our managed WordPress servers do not have a standard cpanel access. We’re happy to help address any settings concerns via support.

Can I use any theme on Showit (ProPhoto, Flotheme, etc)?

We only support our Showit theme on our Wordpress platform. Anybody migrating a current Wordpress blog to Showit will need to make sure their Showit design includes blog templates for the Showit theme to proper display their blog posts. Third-party themes are not supported.

*Legacy users with third-party themes must switch to a Showit theme in order to take advantage of our latest server optimization and free SSL.

Will my ProPhoto theme work on the Showit hosting?

Please see Will My ProPhoto Theme Work on Showit?  

Will everything migrate over from my current site?

Our team is able to migrate blog content from most blogging platforms (Including Wordpress, SquareSpace, and Blogger). With the middle subscription option "with Blog" plan, our team will migrate blog posts, images, and comments. The Advanced Blog plan will include also migrating any custom plugin with your blog. To request a blog setup, login to your Showit Account profile and request a blog setup.

Will all plugins work with the Showit WordPress hosting?

The "With Blog" subscription plan allows pre-approved plugins to be used with your Showit blog. You can view this these plugins here.

With the Advanced Blog subscription you will have access to the wordpress plugin directory. Most plugins will work, however there are a few plugins that will be disabled automatically if they duplicate functionality or if they will slow down your site loading. You can read more about disabled plugins here.

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