Our Showit + Basic Blog subscription is perfect for someone starting or developing a new blog. Blog posts support: text, images, Youtube & Vimeo embeds, and the plugins below.

The Blog subscription plan includes:

  1. Showit - Access to the Showit platform for designing your website and blog
  2. Hosting - Website and WordPress blog hosting
  3. Basic WordPress Blog - Posts support text, images, Youtube & Vimeo embeds, and the plugins below. (Custom embed codes not supported on Basic.)
  4. Simple Migration - We transfer up to 50 of your blog posts and any images or comments. **Plugins are not transfered
  5. Showit theme - The ability to use your custom Showit blog design inside WordPress
  6. One blog user account (additional users - Advanced Blog subscription)
  7. Approved WordPress plugins only - (additional plugins - Advanced Blog subscription)

What plugins are currently available with with the Showit + Blog subscription?

**Available plugins may change over time. Plugins are created by third-party developers.


Basic Blog Limitations: 

  • Blog media files are limited to 8mb per file when uploading images or content to your blog with this subscription plan.  
  • For security reasons, custom embed code (such as Javascript) is automatically removed from all Basic blog posts. Custom embed code is possible on our Advanced Blog plan. 
  • Self-managed migrations are not supported

Migrating from your own WordPress setup or looking for more blog features?

Self-hosted WordPress migration, FTP/Database Access, Custom Plugins & additional blog users are available on our Advanced Blog hosting plan.

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