If you are wanting to change or update the domain connected with your Showit account you will need to submit a new domain setup request.

1) Select your name in the lower left corner of Showit and choose the "Manage Domains" option.

2) You will see your primary domain and any subdomains associated with your account. *If you have subdomains, you will need to select them and disable them first

3) After disabling any subdomains, contact Showit Support via the in-app chat and let us know the new domain you want to use with your site. We can help get that updated for you!

** If you have a blog hosted under your old domain and would like it to also transfer to the new domain, be sure to let our team know when you request the change so our blog team can ensure your blog is transferred as well.

A new domain setup request typically takes 1-2 days to process and complete. 

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