With the recent Adobe announcement ending Flash support we will be discontinuing support of Showit Desktop on the timeline below. We encourage all users to switch to Showit 5 which is entirely powered by modern HMTL5 with a focus on mobile design. 

APRIL 12, 2018 - Subscribe & Re-subscribe options will no longer be available inside Showit Desktop. Users must re-subscribe under a Showit 5 subscription by contacting support. Access to Showit Desktop will remain active under a Showit 5 subscription.

AUGUST 1, 2018 - Disable of Publishing in Showit Desktop. (sites will remain online)

OCTOBER 1, 2018 - All users who want their Desktop sites to remain online (as-is, no publishing) must switch to a Showit 5 subscription by contacting support.

THROUGH 2019 - Current sites will continue to function as-is through 2019, but all users are encouraged to move to the new Showit 5 platform as soon as possible.



During the first quarter of 2017, Google is rolling out some changes to their Chrome browser that disables the Flash plugin by default.* If you are a Showit subscriber and still using Showit Desktop (our legacy Flash-based website builder), this means that your site may look and feel a little different than it may have in the past as Chrome is the most used browser. Fortunately, your site will not go offline. It will still be accessible and functional, but won't display some animation or transitions and will not scale to full-screen as it would normally when Flash is enabled.

Best Case Scenario

The phase out of Flash has been coming for some time, which is one of the big reasons we rebuilt Showit from the ground up, and we launched Showit 5 in early 2016. If you're still using Showit Desktop, we'd highly encourage you to start making the shift to Showit 5, which is fully-compliant with Google's standards, optimized for modern devices, and also includes tight integration with WordPress for blogging. Showit 5 is included in your Showit Desktop subscription, you can log in to Showit 5 today to start building your future-forward website. Your Showit Desktop site will remain active at your domain while you build your Showit 5 site until you're ready to launch.

In the Mean Time... 

Here are some tips to make sure your Showit Desktop site works as good as possible, given the new browser constraints.

  1. Use the Looping or Simple gallery widget for photo galleries. Both of these galleries are HTML5 friendly and will display beautifully on non-Flash-enabled browsers.
  2. Avoid scrolling text boxes. If you're using scrolling text boxes, resize them so they don't scroll, or consider breaking up those long blocks of text into multiple text boxes, potentially on multiple pages. 
  3. Use Alternate Pages for any content that doesn't work well without the Flash player.

Following these steps should make your site display and function better in light of the ever-changing technology. In addition, be sure to  create a mobile version of your site if you haven't already. 

If you have more questions, you can read more on Showit Desktop's feature compatibility between Flash & HTML 5.

If you're ready to start transitioning to Showit 5, check out the Showiteer Transition FAQ video and article that we published just prior to launching Showit 5 in early 2016.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to hire a pro to help you move to Showit 5, check out these designers who offer migration services:

*Google's plan for Flash & Chrome and the road map presentation

Click here to get more info about this transition process. 

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