Hello loyal Showiteers, we want to thank you for being great customers all these years and as technology is changing we want to come along side you to help you make this transition. This article is a hub of information to help you during this process of transition. Below you will find more information which will help you in this period of transition. The article below is going to walk you through the finer points of the transition process as well as provide you tools for more information on any questions you may have. If you can't find it here, you can jump into our support chat and we can help you get them answered!


With the recent Adobe announcement ending Flash support we will be discontinuing support of Showit Desktop on the timeline below. We encourage all users to switch to Showit 5 which is entirely powered by modern HMTL5 with a focus on mobile design. 

APRIL 12, 2018 - Subscribe & Re-subscribe options will no longer be available inside Showit Desktop. Users must re-subscribe under a Showit 5 subscription by contacting support. Access to Showit Desktop will remain active under a Showit 5 subscription.

AUGUST 1, 2018 - Disable of Publishing in Showit Desktop. (sites will remain online)

OCTOBER 1, 2018 - All users who want their Desktop sites to remain online (as-is, no publishing) must switch to a Showit 5 subscription by contacting support.

THROUGH 2019 - Current sites will continue to function as-is through 2019, but all users are encouraged to move to the new Showit 5 platform as soon as possible.


Below You Will Find

  • A quick history of the evolution from Showit Desktop to Showit 5
  • A video giving you a visual guide to the similarities and differences between Showit Desktop & Showit 5
  • More information about the departure from flash by major web browsers
  • How to make the most of your Showit Desktop site while you transition to Showit5
  • Help videos and documentation for getting started in Showit 5

Showit - A Brief History 

Showit began over 10 years ago with a goal to build the most amazing platform for photographers to have creative freedom over their unique website. Without needing to know a single line of code. Over the years of development we created a platform for amazingly cool websites with animations and interactivity. Unfortunately, the platform we chose (Flash) which was the best at the time, has now been replaced by HTML 5. We adapted Showit to display the design of a site without the full experience and then introduced a custom mobile website builder. Eventually we realized that to fully take advantage of the way the web was going that we would need to start over. So we built Showit 5 and launched that in March of 2016. Read the full post here.

Showit Desktop vs Showit 5 - The Basics

The video below is going to get you started on the basics, talk about the differences between our previous product Showit Desktop and the new Showit 5.


More Information About Transitioning to Showit 5

You have questions, we get that! You can find our Transition Q&A doc here. This is a great resource to get common questions answered and out of the way, there you will also find a video of our CEO Todd Watson talking more about the move from Showit Desktop to Showit 5. If you still have questions, contact our support team. 

I Want to Know More About this Flash Issue

For more information about what the phase out of flash means for your current site read our article all about that here.

A Video Tutorial on the Basics of Showit 5

We want to help get you acquainted with the Showit 5 platform, while there are a lot of similarities, there has been some change. Check out our launch lab video below where our Showit pros take you through the basics of Showit 5 to help you get your brand new site launched!

More Helpful Resources

Below we've included more helpful information for our help center as you begin your journey into Showit 5. If you are looking to work with a designer to refresh your brand or rebuild your current site on the Showit 5 platform check out the list below! 

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