How to do it:

  1. Go to https://snapwidget.com/
  2. Create a free account
  3. From your widget dashboard, choose the "Instagram" tag in the top to narrow down the options for instagram style groups. Then select "Create A New Widget" when you find a style you prefer.

4. Add your instagram account username then you can set the look and styling of your widget while viewing the live preview in the top left of the window

5. Click "Get Widget" in the bottom right when you have finished creating the layout of your feed

6. Copy the code from the pop-up window and log into your Showit account

7. Add an embed box to a canvas and paste the code

If the widget appears to be sizing incorrectly in the Preview:

Sometimes the embed codes are generated to be a set width and height. This can make for strange sizing and positioning than what you have set in the editor. This can be fixed by editing the embed code size properties. These are found by looking for a width and height section in the code containing a set pixel size. To fix that, replace the values to be 100%

If you are using LightWidget for your instagram feed:

LightWidget was a previously recommended option to embed your instagram account with your Showit site, however as HTTPS has become available, LightWidget requires users to upgrade to secured version of your plugin in order to be hosted with SSL enabled websites. If you either want to add SSL to your Showit site or currently have it enabled, LightWidget will not function without the paid version.
If you are using LightWidget and experience broken images please see this article


Community Resources: 

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