IMPORTANT: The steps below are only for users that do not have a blog and do not need a blog at their domain. Before continuing to do any of the following changes:

  • Backup any data from your current web host
  • Go through the Domain Setup to submit your domain name to Showit
  • Publish your site
  • Read through the explanation of Hosting and Direct Host

When setting up a Domain Name to be fully hosted with Showit, there are two options to point a web address at our server. If the domain name was registered through Google as recommended, there is a third option.

We would prefer if you would allow us to setup your domain to ensure that it’s done as fast as possible and correctly. Domain setups are completed Monday – Friday 9am-5pm Pacific time by Showit. Your domain will be configured within 24 hours on business days.

If the Registrar for that the domain provides advanced DNS configuration, you can add an A record that points to our server directly within their DNS management console.

For the DNS records for the domain, you need to add the following records:

A Records:

  • @ or root domain pointing to ->
  • * (wildcard) pointing to ->

CNAME Records:

  • www pointing to -> @ or the root domain

NOTE: The above DNS settings are for sites that do not have a blog hosted with Showit. If your site is down and you have a blog with us, please contact support for the correct DNS settings.

The configuration should look similar to this screenshot from Godaddy:

If you do not see any options like this in your registrar account, contact the Showit Support team by clicking the help icon in the bottom right corner of Showit 5 and we will help you get everything setup!

Configuring Domain Through Google Apps Account

If the domain name was registered through Google Apps, Google already configured the majority of the DNS settings. However, the root record of the site needs to be changed to point to the Showit website. To modify these settings, login to Google Apps at:

Click on Manage This Domain at the top.

Click Domain Settings then Domain names then Advanced DNS Settings. If the site was just registered, the Advanced DNS Settings won’t be available until the transaction is complete and the domain is fully registered.

On the Advanced DNS Settings page, this provides the login info for the domain registrar Google used to register your domain. Right Click the Sign in to DNS console and open in a new window. Copy the sign in name and password from the Google page to login to the Registrar.

Once logged in, click on the domain name and then the Total DNS. Refer back to the Domain Records section above but you will only need to add the root A record and the www CNAME record since the other records would have been configured by Google already.

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