Color Palette

To assign your brand colors to the Design Settings Color Palette click on the SITE tab in the upper section of the left panel of Showit 5 and then select DESIGN SETTINGS. This will drop down a window with 2 tabs: SITE SETTINGS and FONTS.

You can now set 8 colors for repeated and easy access use inside of the designer. The 8 colors you set will be available inside of the Properties Panel as you are customizing elements including text, shapes and icons within your site.

To change a color click on the corresponding box on the Color Palette and set the desired color by either using the color picker (your mouse will transform into a color picker when hovered over the color box) or entering in a specific hexadecimal code.

Type Settings

In the same DESIGN SETTINGS window as the Color Palette you can assign (for both Mobile and Desktop) a specific font and font settings for Title, Header, Subheading and Paragraph.

Click on the 3 white dots to left of the Text type and a drop down window will open allowing you to set the Font, Size, Line Height, Letter Spacing, Alignment, Letter Case, Color and Bottom Margin.

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