All designs submitted to the design market will go through a review process to ensure the designs meet our Showit standards.  This is to ensure that our users will be able to easily make changes to your design without excessive assistance from our support staff.

All designs submitted shall follow these standards:

  • Site designs should be built for a wedding or portrait photographer
  • All images used within your example site should be family friendly
  • All temporary placeholder text should be in English (no Lorem ipsum please)

Licensed Content

  • The designer is responsible for acquiring and maintaining all licenses for distribution of media used in their design including custom fonts, graphics and media.  Showit will not be held responsible.
  • All media (custom fonts, images, videos) used within a design is included when it is shared.  
  • The designer may include links to licensed media when submitting the design to the market. Those links are only for ease of use. Showit is not responsible for enforcing any licensed media.

Design Settings

  • All colors used in the design should be included in the color palette
  • Default font styles should be defined for desktop and mobile
  • Only fonts used in the design should appear in the Selected Fonts list

Site Canvases

  • Use site canvases for Header, Footer & Mobile Menu
  • Use site canvases for any additional canvases that are repeated across multiple pages

Galleries & Images

  • Canvases containing a Tiled gallery style should be set to "Grow with Content" so they auto-expand on the live site to fit all images
  • Typically a site design has a minimum of 3 galleries
  • Images and galleries should avoid Vertical Locking options 2 & 3 as the stretching can cause image distortion for some users.

Blog Template Pages

  • The Post List and Single Post wordpress template pages are required
  • The Post List template page should be named "Blog"
  • (Optional) Demo Blog pages should follow our guidelines for consistency
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