If you're customizing a site design that was was originally designed by another designer it's important to provide the proper credits.

Providing Design Credit

All designers on the Showit platform who are customizing a design created by another designer should keep credit for the original designer in the footer of the design as follows:
Design by [Original Designer]. Customized by [Your Name].


Claiming as Your Own Work

Any works that you claim as your own should not be derived from another designer's design.  The free "Simple" design found in Showit can be used for derivative works without any additional copyright claim. The images within the Simple design are copyright property of Ace & Whim and should be replaced with others in your distributed design.

Many designers use images provided by photographers and photography copyright credit in the design shall be negotiated by the designer.

Copyright Infringement

Under copyright law, the standard for infringement is “substantial similarity.” Substantial similarity means an average observer would recognize that the second work takes copyrightable authorship from the first one. - Linda Joy Kattwinkel, Graphic Artists Guild

**The information in this article is not provided by legal counsel. You should consult your own legal counsel with any questions. 

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