Yes, you definitely can!

Shopify offers a Lite subscription that allows you to place Buy Buttons on your own website using embed codes.  They offer embedding of individual products, collections of products or a buy button.

Good to Know: The checkout process is handled in a separate secure pop-up window that is powered by Shopify.

Adding a Product to a Showit Page

  1. Create your product on Shopify.
  2. Get your embed code following their instructions for creating a Buy button.
  3. Add the Embed Code widget to your design in Showit.

4. Paste the code from Shopify into the Embed Code widget's custom code area under the Embed Info settings.

5. Resize your object on desktop and mobile.

6. Preview the design and test your buy button.  The cart should automatically appear as an overlay on the side of your site.

Adding a Product to a Wordpress Page

The Shopify Lite plan also supports adding products to your Wordpress posts through the use of the Shopify eCommerce Plugin for Wordpress on your blog (only Advanced blog hosting).

Once installed you will find a new option at the top of your post editor for Add Product.

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