Unfortunately 1and1.com does not support a one-time configuration for +Sites like most other registrars do. If this is your domain registrar you will need to manually setup every +Site domain each time you setup a +Site in Showit.

Follow these steps for setup:

  • Login to your 1and1 account.
  • Click Domains
  • Check box next to your main domain
  • Click on New (drop down menu at top). Choose Create Subdomain
  • Enter in +Site address, selecting main domain from list on right.
  • (ex. If +Site address is: janejohn.mydomain.com, enter: janejohn and select: yourdomain.com from the drop down list.)
  • Click OK
  • Check the box next to new subdomain
  • Select DNS(drop down menu at top). Choose Edit DNS Settings
  • Changes settings:General Settings: DNSAdvanced DNS Settings: --> IP Address: Change to--> Other IP AddressEnter in (separate into boxes on each period)
  • Click OK.
  • If the design has already been published inside of Showit, your site should be live within a few hours if not sooner.
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