Using the "hidden to start" canvas setting is one great way to add interactivity to your website. There are many uses for hidden to start canvasses but a few popular ones include, contact forms, drop down menus, and galleries. For this example you will see how to utilize a hidden to start canvas to enhance your site's gallery experience. 

As you can see in the image below, the canvas that contains our galleries has a canvas setting of hidden to start.

Next we need to apply the proper click action to the element we want to trigger our hidden canvas.

One important item to note, once a hidden canvas has been triggered it won't go away unless commanded to by a click action or a scroll action. So for example, on a drop down menu, the menu options will need a click action with the add action of Hide Canvas>This Canvas (or the name of the canvas) to hide the hidden canvas when a user closes the gallery, chooses a menu option, or clicks a submit button depending on how you are utilizing your hidden canvas. 

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