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*To build a Category blog template go here

There are two ways to set up categories in your blog. The first and simplest way is as follows: 

To Link to Blog Categories:

  1. Select your text box in the design.
  2. Go to the "Click Actions" tab on the right. 
  3. Set to link to URL
  4. Type in the URL field as "/category/whatever-the-category-slug-is/

To determine the category slug: Log into your Wordpress Admin and going to the Posts > Categories section.  Next to each category in the list will be it's category slug which is used for linking to the the specific category of posts.

If your category is Weddings: /category/weddings

If your category is Moves Like Jagger:   /category/moves-like-jagger

Display Recent Category Posts in a Canvas:

Another option is to setup an entirely separate canvas with a "posts view lookup" setting to pull a small selection of posts from a category as shown in the video below:


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