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With Showit 5, it is completely up to you if you want to implement a sidebar or columns on your site because each canvas can overlap.  Because content is built canvas by canvas, a sidebar typically ends up being a canvas that overlaps multiple canvases with a higher “Stacking Order”.

Ty Wilson created this great video that shows how he created a custom Showit sidebar.

As an example, here is the setup for Jasmine Star’s single post page, the sidebar canvas is 20px tall but spans multiple canvases.


WordPress Sidebar

WordPress also uses the word “Sidebar” to define a vertical column provided by a theme for displaying information other than the main content of the web page such as widgets.  The WordPress theme that is created by Showit 5 allows for up to 3 sidebar areas that you can add WordPress widgets and content to and then place where ever you want in your template.  You can create a text field in your blog template page and set the WordPress field to be “Sidebar 1” and this will place the content from your Widgets->Widgets Sidebar into this area on an actual blog page.

You are not limited to putting a sidebar on the side, for instance you can create a canvas with three columns side by side with sidebar content in each as the footer to your page.  In that case, it is recommended that any canvas that contain Sidebar content be set to “Grow with Content” as the size will change based on what it contains.  If the sidebar is in a column overlapping other canvases, it may be best to make sure there is enough vertical space for the sidebar content to fill and not have the canvas grow.

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