Only Wordpress templates will be able to display live post content from your blog. If you'd like to have a "Featured Posts" or "Recent Posts" section on your homepage you would need to create your homepage as a Blog Template page instead of a typical Showit page. 

To create homepage that displays blog posts:

  1. Convert your current homepage to a Blog Template: Under the Site list (left sidebar). Next to your current homepage click the ••• icon and choose Copy to Wordpress. It will now appear as a Blog Template.
  2. Set with Wordpress Front Page template: Select it and set the Wordpress Template setting as Front Page.
  3. Setup a Featured/Recent Posts Section: The posts section will need to be setup as a Featured Post section (see Creating a Featured Posts Section article)
  4. Publish to Blog and next: Publish the change but there are still more changes on the Wordpress side.
  5. Create Wordpress Front Page: Within Wordpress Admin create a new "Page" named as Homepage and Publish it.
  6. Assign Wordpress Front Page: Next go to Settings > Reading and under the Front Page setting, select your "Homepage" you just added and Save.
  7. Update Showit Plugin Settings: Lastly, go to Settings > Showit and check the box for "Use a Wordpress homepage" (something like that) and Save.
  8. Test and Adjust: Check your homepage and make any necessary adjustments to the featured blog section in Showit, republishing for any changes.
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