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Here is a list of helpful plugins that can be added to any Advanced Blog hosting.

Supported Plugins:

Facebook Optimization – The WP Facebook Open Graph Protocol plugin helps make sure all of your posts are optimized for Facebook, Google and LinkedIn sharing.  It’s a simple plugin that make big differences.

Auto Featured Image – The Auto Post Thumbnail plugin is perfect if you prefer to automate the featured image to be the first image in your blog post. This also works great if you’re switching from a theme that automatically did this previously.

Pinterest Pin It on ImagesThe Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post plugin works well on Showit 5 sites.  The settings are simple and instantly apply after installing the plugin. We hope to support additional plugins in the future for this feature.

Image Optimization – Speed up your page loading by setting a maximum image size and let the WP Smush plugin handle resizing your blog images down for speedy loading. 

Responsive Video – The Fluid Video Embeds makes your “auto embedded” Youtube or Vimeo video responsive that has been embedded by adding the full URL to the blog post on it’s own line.

Changed Domain Redirects – The Force Domain Redirect plugin is perfect when your domain has changed and you want to force redirects to the new domain using the same url path.

Per-Page and 404 Redirects – The Redirection plugin allows you to setup individual page redirections and capture 404 errors to redirect them to an active page.

Incompatible Plugins:

bbPress – Know to break the Showit Plugin and lock out WordPress/Blog access 

jQuery plugins – Do not work with the Showit Plugin

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